My first ever blog!


i’ve decided to start a blog

this blog!

i dont realy know why! I thought it would be fun. Well at leased it will be better than all the diaries i attempted to write when i was little.

I was reading through them the other day, and it was the most boring thing ever! I wrote a load of random stuff like “today i went camping. Today i ate a bisciut. Today i went shopping.”Β 

And it just went on. I mean my spelling was much worse then, and im still no good at spelling now, so sorry!! 😁

Okay so at school i have got amazing friends in my year. My closest friend (goldylocks) dont worry thats not really her name!

Its the first nickname that came into my head as i needed one, for obvious reasons! πŸ˜‚ anyway, i have known her since year three, she is the bestest friend anyone could ever have!

Reasons why i couldnt have a friend better than her:

1. You can tell her anything and she wont tell a single soul on this planet

2. She is hilariouse its impossible to be sad around her

3. Her b-day is a day after mine! Joint parties!

4. My best memories are only with her e.g. When she ran into my front door.

5.she is just the best! I cant be bothered to write the 1 million other reasons.

but yea!

Comment down below about your friends and what makes them the bestest friend ever, id love to hear! πŸ˜πŸ˜‰




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